Sale of counterfeit goods

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Why report on counterfeits products ?

Because it’s easy!During the process, you will be asked questions to help you identify your issue and word your report properly.
Because it’s fast!Just 5 minutes and your report is sent.
Because it’s effective65% of companies and businesses respond to reports.

Combatting counterfeit products? Discover solutions at SignalConso.

Safeguard your choices and authenticity. If you've faced such issues, we're here to help. Explore how to address the problem effectively. Looking for more consumer-related concerns? Check out our resources on hospitality sector.

Encountering counterfeit products online? Seek solutions at SignalConso.

Defend your authenticity and make informed choices. If you've been a victim, we're here to assist. Learn how to effectively tackle this issue. Looking for more consumer-related concerns? Explore our resources on ticketing.

Dealing with counterfeit medicine fraud?

Discover solutions on SignalConso's Counterfeiting page. Safeguard your health and rights with expert guidance. If you've faced such issues, we're here to assist you. Find effective ways to address this concern.

Unveiling solutions against counterfeit luxury goods.

Explore SignalConso's Counterfeiting page to protect your style and rights. If you've fallen victim, we're here to help. Discover effective strategies to combat this issue.

Your responses to counterfeit electronics issues with SignalConso.

Our free public service empowers consumers to report concerns, find solutions, and understand their rights. If you've faced problems with counterfeit electronics, we're here to assist. Explore effective measures to address these challenges.

What will happen after the report is filed?

SignalConso takes care of the rest. Your report is sent to the company or business and can be viewed at any time by our team at DGCCRF... tout de suite! If you asked about your rights, a member of our team will get in touch with you to respond to your query and offer guidance on what to do next.
If necessary, you can opt to remain anonymous. Otherwise, we will share your details with the company or business, so that they can contact you directly.
Your report will also be logged on the DGCCRF database. This ensures our staff have the best possible information to support their checks and investigations.

What is SignalConso ?

Every day in France, some 60 million consumers buy goods and services from almost 10 million businesses. Some of these purchases take place online. How are consumer rights monitored? By our staff of 3,000 officers at DGCCRF. That's why was launched.

Despite the best efforts of our investigators, we can't uncover everything, especially the most minor and frequent offences. That's why you, the consumer, are the one best placed to spot them and to exercise your rights.

This site provides assistance before, during and after a purchase. In just a few clicks, you can report any issues you run into when dealing with companies or businesses. SignalConso is also on hand to respond to your queries, provide guidance about your rights as a consumer, and help you navigate the stages of the process, referring you to the appropriate person where necessary.

Companies and businesses that are reported can view reports that you make and may opt to rectify an issue of their own accord. If a business receives an excessively high volume or frequent number of reports, the DGCCRF investigation team may take further action.

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