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Don't Let Booking Problems Ruin Your Stay. Take Action with SignalConso.Report an issue

Why report booking problems ?

Because it’s easy!During the process, you will be asked questions to help you identify your issue and word your report properly.
Because it’s fast!Just 5 minutes and your report is sent.
Because it’s effective65% of companies and businesses respond to reports.

Headed to the Rugby World Cup 2023 and need hotel accommodations? Beware of hidden tariffs that inflate your expenses.

SignalConso is your go-to public service platform for reporting such issues and learning about your consumer rights. Uncover hidden fees like Wi-Fi charges, resort fees, and more that aren't upfront in hotel listings. Be an informed traveler and check out our restaurant landing page for related tips on avoiding unexpected costs in the hospitality industry. Don't get blindsided; tackle hidden tariffs head-on.

Navigating the world of hotel bookings can be a minefield of false advice.

From misleading reviews to fake ratings, misinformation can ruin your travel experience. With SignalConso, you can report such deceptive practices, resolve issues, and educate yourself on consumer rights. By doing so, you contribute to a more transparent and credible hospitality sector. Diversify your sources and use trusted platforms like SignalConso for a worry-free stay.

Don't Let Double Booking Ruin Your Stay: Be Prepared

While booking a hotel room might seem straightforward, the inconvenience of double booking can quickly turn your stay into a nightmare. Often caused by system glitches or human errors, double booking impacts both your plans and a hotel's credibility. Confirm your reservation by calling the hotel directly after booking online. Use SignalConso to report such issues, equipping yourself with vital consumer knowledge. Being informed helps not only in hotel bookings but also in transport related complications. Choose wisely and safeguard your stay.

Protect Yourself from the Pitfalls of False Advertising in Hotels

Beware of false advertising that promises more than it delivers, from inflated room sizes to unrealistic amenities. To make informed decisions, validate hotel information from multiple sources and use SignalConso to report discrepancies. Being an educated consumer helps you not only in hotels but also in other sectors rife with misleading claims. Arm yourself with knowledge and travel smart.

Protect your personal information while enjoying the Rugby World Cup 2023.

Hotels are becoming a major target for theft of customer information. Don't let data breaches spoil your trip; take preventive measures such as choosing hotels with robust security protocols. Be equally cautious when booking event tickets; use verified platforms to ensure a secure purchase. Report issues and learn more on SignalConso, your go-to public service for consumer protection.

What will happen after the report is filed?

SignalConso takes care of the rest. Your report is sent to the company or business and can be viewed at any time by our team at DGCCRF... tout de suite! If you asked about your rights, a member of our team will get in touch with you to respond to your query and offer guidance on what to do next.
If necessary, you can opt to remain anonymous. Otherwise, we will share your details with the company or business, so that they can contact you directly.
Your report will also be logged on the DGCCRF database. This ensures our staff have the best possible information to support their checks and investigations.

What is SignalConso ?

Every day in France, some 60 million consumers buy goods and services from almost 10 million businesses. Some of these purchases take place online. How are consumer rights monitored? By our staff of 3,000 officers at DGCCRF. That's why was launched.

Despite the best efforts of our investigators, we can't uncover everything, especially the most minor and frequent offences. That's why you, the consumer, are the one best placed to spot them and to exercise your rights.

This site provides assistance before, during and after a purchase. In just a few clicks, you can report any issues you run into when dealing with companies or businesses. SignalConso is also on hand to respond to your queries, provide guidance about your rights as a consumer, and help you navigate the stages of the process, referring you to the appropriate person where necessary.

Companies and businesses that are reported can view reports that you make and may opt to rectify an issue of their own accord. If a business receives an excessively high volume or frequent number of reports, the DGCCRF investigation team may take further action.

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