Cooling-off period

Figure out your cooling-off period

What is the start date I need to bear in mind?

Contract typeDate to keep in mind
Service agreementDate of the agreement
Water, gas or electricity supply contractsDate of the agreement
Delivered goodsDelivery date
Goods in multiple deliveriesDate on which the last item, set or part is received

You have 14 days to change your mind

You do not need to give a reason

You need to send by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt a completed return form or letter within 14 days..
You may also complete the process online if the seller has a website with the possibility to do so (you must not only return the package).
Submitting a report on our site is not enough to withdraw from a contract.

You must retain all documentation proving that you have taken the necessary actions within the time frame.
For this reason, using registered post is recommended.

If the seller did not tell you about your right to withdraw, the cooling-off period is extended by 12 months from the end of the initial cooling-off period.
However, if you receive this information at any time during the extended period, the cooling-off period reverts to the standard 14 days. This period begins on the date you receive the information.