Your actions to take in parallel

For a telephone operator or internet service provider

Did you file a report on SignalConso to resolve your issue with a telecom company, to get a refund for example? Reporting via SignalConso can work, but not always.

The optional steps below may also help you.

Is your issue in another sector? Check out the page dedicated to steps to resolve disputes in general


As soon as possible (recommended).
You can also wait to see if the company or business responds via SignalConso.

To whom?

The customer services department for the company or business.
You can find the company's customer services contact details on your contract, the company's website, or in the company's terms and conditions of business.


Send a letter by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt, enclosing the following two documents:

Keep a copy of the letter and proof of postage.


Your letter is proof that you have taken action. It is needed to complete later stages of the process.


Two months after sending my letter, if I have not received a response or if the response does not satisfy me. You have one year from the date of this letter to contact the mediator.


The company is required to give the name of their chosen mediator. The mediator's contact details are usually given on the company's website, contract and/or purchase order.

There is a specialized mediator in the electronic communications sector to intervene if you have a dispute with your telephone operator (fixed or mobile) or your internet service provider. This is the Médiatrice des Communications Électroniques (Electronic Communications Mediator).


If the professional is a member of this mediator, I fill out the form on the mediator's website

It is also possible to contact them by mail at the following address:

Médiatrice des Communications Électroniques
CS 30 342
94257 GENTILLY Cedex


The mediator will help you reach an amicable settlement with the company.

How much does it cost?

Mediation is free of charge.

What to do if you can't find a mediator

Get in touch with your nearest conciliator.
Carry out a search on the site
A conciliator will help you reach a solution with the company.
The process is free of charge.

Important – if your dispute is for less than €5,000, you must have completed step 2 (mediation or conciliation) before a matter can be referred to court.


In instances where you have not found a solution through mediation or conciliation.



To allow a court judge to determine who is at fault and what solutions should be put in place.

How much does it cost?

Taking a matter to court is free. However, the costs of legal action can mount as proceedings continue (e.g. legal fees, expert report fees, etc.).

To complete these steps, you can contact a consumer association.

Consumer associations can assist you with writing claim letters or issuing formal notices, contacting companies directly, and initiating court proceedings.

To get assistance, you will need to pay a membership fee. For details of membership fees, contact the relevant association. Depending on your circumstances, some associations may offer a reduced membership fee.

List of official consumer associations: