Your steps to get refunded or find a solution to your problem


As soon as possible (recommended).
I can also wait to see if the company responds to me with SignalConso.

To whom?

To the customer service of the company.
I can find the address of the company's customer service in my contract, on its website, or in the general terms of sale.


By sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, attaching the following two documents:

I keep a copy of the letter and proof of sending.


This letter is the proof of my approach. It is mandatory to initiate other steps later.


Two months after sending my letter, if I have not received a response or if the response does not satisfy me.


The company is obligated to communicate the name of the mediator it has chosen. The contact details of the mediator are normally written on the company's website or on the contract, purchase order...

In the electronic communications sector, there is a specialized mediator to intervene if you have a dispute with your telephony (landline or mobile) operator or your internet service provider.

It is the Electronic Communications Mediator.


If the professional is a member of this mediator, I fill out the form on the mediator's website at the address:

It is also possible to contact them by mail at the following address:

Médiatrice des Communications Électroniques
CS 30 342
94257 GENTILLY Cedex


The mediator will help me find an arrangement with the company.

How much does it cost?

It's free!

What to do if I can't find the name of the mediator?

I contact the conciliator closest to my home. I look for it on the website
He will help me find a solution with the company. It's free!